Friday, 30 September 2016

of Late

- free and native post great weekly run downs of what she is looking at. I really like these frequency posts she puts up. My room is practically like a spa at the moment with this music. 

- I have always believed the forest speaks, now there is scientific proof! fascinating Ted Talks

- this Matisse painting, caught my eye for the colours and there is something I am not sure of in her expression. 

- Bought a box full of Palo Santo wood. It is my favourite smell at the moment. Palo Santo raises our vibration, uplifts the spirit and brings good luck. Find out more via Ashleey Neese.

- my favourite cafe in Bath, Society Cafe have teased us with a photo of their Oxford outpost serving Matcha Latte. Haven't had one since San Fransisco last year! for a none coffee drinker this is very exciting to me. 

- saw this film get praised on the BBC film programme. And it deserves it! felt so good to laugh while watching a film. Good comedies have just dropped off the radar for me at the moment. Defiantly recommend the hunt for the wilder people. 

anish kappor?

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