Tuesday, 11 October 2016

art fairs

last friday I attended Frieze art fair. I was scouting for galleries, but I couldn't see myself being part of any of them there. Not because of the caliber of work, but because my work just doesn't fit. I am not worried, as I found the work very samey. However Edmund de Waal stood out for me, and if I had the money I would love a piece of his works. There is something spiritual to be said to his work. You know that feeling you get when you hold something which is full of memories, I get that from his work. 
Across the park was Frieze masters, totally different feel and atmosphere. Everything was more paired back, the feel was less anxious. And the works on display was just beautiful. I particularly like the ancient artworks they had, pieces of roman temples, Egyptian bowls. I am a huge fan of ancient art. It solidifies my belief that art is more than just the name and the price tag, its something built in us. Humans have always wanted to create art, it's such a natural process. And art was around before art committees and the need to display something from decoration purposes. 

Head of a Buddha, the London gallery Tokyo

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