Thursday, 3 November 2016


I have always gone with my instinct and greeted everything with an open mind to see what I might learn from the experience. one thing I am learning though is that each experience I go through I am starting to think about my worth more and more.
when I get a quote in from my agent on how much I should be charging, I think oh shit I charged 75% less than that. I am not a greedy person, but now its time to start putting my needs first over opportunity. I kept saying yes to everything to see where it lead me, but I have been in areas where the people you work with don't actually respect your worth. I recently got told a company could pay me £20 for a piece of work! I am in the situation where I am so poor because of the studio any work is income, but working for £20 doesn't do anything for the moral, thats pocket money, not art money. If anything it has put me off working commercially and just to focus on my exhibitions. I have felt for some time that my commercial work has been so difficult because I am not meant to be doing commercial work, who knows.
Like all things in life, you got to trust that if you say no to this that something better will come along. For example it feels the same as a lousy relationship staying in one because you are in a relationship, instead of moving on, and letting the good come to you. Thats what I have decided to do with my work, no more undervaluing myself. I have to put that message out into the universe that the yes path to opportunities no longer serves me. trust that the company that wants to work with me enough will pay the right price. 

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