Monday, 26 December 2016


- this little bit of writing on wabi sabi found on Obsucra magazine. I know wabi sabi is having its moment or maybe its been taken over by Hygge, either way the principles of wabi sabi have always resonated with me in life and my work.

- rekindled my love with classic fm. perfect audio for giving space to the mind.

- Books I bought myself for Christmas which I am really excited about:

How to be successful by being yourself - David Taylor
The daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
Art as Therapy - Alain de Botton, John Armstrong

- I am trying to declutter my life. One thing I have noticed about moving studios from my bedroom, to a studio, then to storage now finally to my new studio. I was able to dump so much in each move, makes me think how much do I actually need to create with also what work I really need to hang on to? This has shifted me into receiving either vouchers or experiences for presents. So this Christmas I was so chuffed to receive the ArtFund as a present I had it once before it was so useful 50% off at exhibitions and free entry to most places. And their app is great for knowing whats on around you.

- This Tedtalk needs to be listened to 3x to have all its valuable points sink in. I am now downloading Shawn Achors The Happiness Advantage onto my Audible.

photo found on pinterest

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