Thursday, 1 December 2016

of late

- ted talk listened to, good sense of humour, on the subject of 'likes' culture
Addicted To Likes | Poppy Jamie 

- wes anderson made a beautiful Christmas advert.

- went to see the new design museum yesterday as I adore the work of John Pawson and I loved the old design museum. To sum it up there is a lot of design just not much museum. You have this very confused permanent collection at the top of the building and then huge open areas with nothing in it. For a building which plays on so much balance and minimalist design they have lost the balance between being an exhibition space and just a very nice piece of architecture. The Guardian had a good review on the matter, and I too believe it will grow into itself but for now I think they have run away from the objective and purpose of this building and got sucked up into the lets make everything pretty category, which for experienced designers is a rookie mistake.

- rodin at the Courtauld blew me away. the quality of this mans work, you can feel the passion coming off the page. this was only two rooms of his work, but it was so well curated. Kept to the point and the framing of the paintings was so complimentary to the works haven't seen that in a while. It has to be my exhibition of the year.

- i don't buy art magazines they feel very stiff to me. However 'see all this' caught my eye. First issue out now, its based in the Netherlands so not all content is useful to a worldwide audience but the graphics and some articles are worth a gander.

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