Monday, 2 January 2017


- because I am always cold, I gravitate to all things that could keep me warm. I may look like an old women in my microwaveable feet warming boots, and this yuyu hot water bottle could add to that sexy look of mine. however I am really trying to stick to minimalist philosophy and buy less things, but I am sure there must be loop holes for things like this right?

- so much thats going on I find out via instagram, saw Hauser and Wirth Somerset had an exhibition of Louise Bourgeois called Turning Inwards. I managed to make it in the last week. I really am not a fan of the artwork that H&W show for reasons I will explain another time. But Louise B is someone I admire, she was so prolific, and moved through all mediums. It was a really good show made me want to explore etchings again.

- went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, on New years day, can't say how much I loved this film.

- also want to go to see La La Land and a Monster Calls

- new years eve during the day I went for tea at Comins Tea in Bath. They are the only place I know outside of London who really go into the whole tea ceremony ritual. I believe tea ceremonies will be very trendy in 2017. Something quite lovely about watching your tea being made and going through a process. I then basically drinking none stop for hours while you chat with a friend, or this is where I go to write my letters to my pen pals. 

Picture : instagram wafflesoph

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