Thursday, 26 January 2017


- I have been enjoying the happiness advantage so much. It is happiness through science. I love to understand why our brain works a certain way, and how we can change it to make our lives more productive and happy!

- if there is a Japanese tea room in the area, guarantee I will find it. I was up at the London contemporary art fair in islington and on their high street I stopped in Katsute 100. Beautiful teas and a beautiful place.

- even if I don't follow anyone on instagram any more. which is such a load off, let me tell you. I still like to check in now and then, on peoples pages that I always found interesting. I recently took a look at Amy Merricks page, as we have spoken once or twice as we both share a passion for plants. She has recently relocated to Japan and her journey she is on right now is one of wonder, and jealousy on my part.

- when I am up in London I try to cram in as much as possible to make up for the ridiculous price of the train fair. I went to both shows at the Tate Modern, Rauschenberg and Radical Eye. I am forcing myself to go to exhibitions which I am not to keen on. As I regret not going to the Agnes Martin show because I didn't know enough about her and that her work wasn't my style. Now I adore her work and regret that decision so much, ignorance basically. I used to love Rauschenberg as a child, and fell out of love for one reason or other. But there really is no other artist like him, his colour palettes and boldness still holds.

- other things I found inspiring was Obamama's farewell speech, and of course the woman march.

picture: Colin Gleadell

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