Friday, 30 September 2016

of Late

- free and native post great weekly run downs of what she is looking at. I really like these frequency posts she puts up. My room is practically like a spa at the moment with this music. 

- I have always believed the forest speaks, now there is scientific proof! fascinating Ted Talks

- this Matisse painting, caught my eye for the colours and there is something I am not sure of in her expression. 

- Bought a box full of Palo Santo wood. It is my favourite smell at the moment. Palo Santo raises our vibration, uplifts the spirit and brings good luck. Find out more via Ashleey Neese.

- my favourite cafe in Bath, Society Cafe have teased us with a photo of their Oxford outpost serving Matcha Latte. Haven't had one since San Fransisco last year! for a none coffee drinker this is very exciting to me. 

- saw this film get praised on the BBC film programme. And it deserves it! felt so good to laugh while watching a film. Good comedies have just dropped off the radar for me at the moment. Defiantly recommend the hunt for the wilder people. 

anish kappor?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

of late

- my week suddenly became very busy preparing for the Daylesford Harvest festival, where I was painting on site then pinning them up on plywood beams I had bought, to create an installation of plants painted in harvest time. I really get into my displays I come up with, I feel its part of the process to creating a big work. 

- dr james fox presented another brilliant documentary. This time about contemporary art. I love his face when he talks to Martin Creed, just can't hide his emotions that he isn't convinced by him. 

- It is roughly a 2 hour drive to Daylesford from where I live. It was such an early start which I don't mind. While driving I saw that it suddenly has become Autumn. I always feel there is just one day each season where you finally notice everything starting to change. It was just magic. 

- Listening to radio 2 and heard this interview with Derren Brown. Never paid attention to his work before but his new book has defiantly spiked my interest. 
From the interview in Huffington post:
Brown sees happiness as the absence of worry and stress. If we can release ourselves from anxiety, we can achieve a state of tranquility that the philosophers Pyrrho and Epicurus called Ataraxia, he argues. “It isn’t really a thing in itself, it’s more about when you take all of the frustrations and the anxieties away. And then, they’re quite easy to pin down and deal with. What you’re left with is this sort of tranquil calm state, and though I don’t think it’s the answer to everything, I think it’s a much more helpful model of how to be happy.”It’s also about accepting that you can’t have it all. “The ancient idea was to limit your desires,” he explains, “because if you limit your desires to what you have and what’s available to you, or what’s freely available, you value those things more and you’ll value your happiness much more easily.”Consequently, there is a chapter in Happy about lowering your expectations. “If you’re angry, it’s because your expectations were too high,” Brown reasons. “Rather than trying to control everything through self-belief, you don’t try and control the thoughts you can’t.”

Yves Klein, Yves Peintures, 1954

Sunday, 18 September 2016

cutting the intake

I get to Sunday each week and think what do i want to do? Which isn't to do with work, as all my hobbies are to do with work. Even going for walks easily becomes a process of scavenging for things to draw, or views to come back to and draw. Following your passion is just doing the things you love everyday but making it into a business. However now that it is a fully fledged business, registered sole trader, income to make from what was the things I would escape from, is now work. I am finding I need new activities to take on which will help me de zone. I have started swimming again, when I was at primary school to the beginning of secondary school I was a fantastic swimmer, being prepped to be on the junior olympic team, however I was so dyslexic the extra english lessons took over. The love of the water has never stopped, even if my swimming style has decreased to more of a slow paddle. Like with yoga when you are in it you forget everything else that may be going on. It is a great task to listen to your own voice. 
Speaking of your own voice, I feel I have to address my social media. I came off Facebook over half a decade ago now, and never looked back. Part of my hermit nature to not be on there and the distaste for people to know everything you are up to without even asking, its just laziness and lacks true friendship; just pick up the phone. Same goes for my instagram I get that itch to shut it down, for the same reasons. However that would be a foolish move, because so much of what I do and income comes through being on there and promoting what I do. 
I attended a yoga workshop on Friday, the teacher said yoga is about making the moves work for you and so goes for everything else in this world. She spoke about how our phones dictate our lives but really it should be the other way round make it work for you. 
My friend who owns a shop unfollowed everyone on instagram, friends, family business contacts etc. I thought this was a risky move for business, but she explained she didn't want other voices disrupting her inner voice. And that is what has happened to me, I am so overwhelmed by everything. It isn't a case of not looking at your feed, I have to think where do I want to look? A cull is in order to alter my intake. Get back to what it is that sparks joy (marie kondo instagram clean) and basically it is the one that gives me facts ,places, restaurants, those are the accounts I engage with. 
I'll post some of these up in my 'of late' posts. 

Elizabeth Blackadder - Japanese Garden

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


- film to look forward to = Miss Hokusai 

- trying to get better with a routine each day. And I feel like a lump at the end from sitting so long. Start the day with morning yoga with Adrienne. And then a swim at my local pool in the afternoon. forgot how much I loved swimming. 

- i gave up on reading the news long ago because it was so depressing. And now giving up on the Sunday supplements too and also general magazines all together. Life is simple and I think who ever is writing these articles are full of insecurities surrounded with midlife crisis, age and basically what the other person is doing. However i still love a magazine to sit down with as I like the newness of current ideas. In Bath there is a good independent shop which sells a variation, I picked up  Nourished Journal from there. 

- autumn comes, so does porridge mornings. but I have the 26 grains book to keep it lively. 

Red beach, Paracas, Peru

Friday, 9 September 2016

blind hope

I have noticed I only ask for advice when I am put in a situation where I have to face my fears. Commitment, my insecurities, and anything to do with my heart. I feel though I have had a particular story in my life unravel to deal with all these things in one big leap.
However one thing I noticed from all the advice given there was no hope to any of it. I am talking about matters of the heart people. Why is it when its something to do with an impossible situation and its something to do with heart, it is immediately given the cut your loses attitude. I give myself that advice too, I mentioned last time I cut things before they have even had a chance to bloom. I do that with my artwork too. Something I had crumpled up in the bin the day before I come back and see it was actually quite beautiful.  I just think being hopeful can only get you somewhere even if its not the destination you set out with, you are still moving. And focusing on one destination is controlling the situation, trying to make it perfect, and perfection isn't happiness.  I believe you got to have just blind hope that things will work out, not just in relationships but life generally. I am in the art business after all it has the most uncertain future I am running on blind hope.

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum NY

Thursday, 1 September 2016

harvest moon

It is my favourite month, new beginnings happen in September, its the cusp of seasons. And everything starts a new round from businesses to home life. There is so much energy right now, and the first time all year I was able to set my new moon wishes. Something clicked, blocks cleared and I knew what I really wanted, the clarity was there behind the barrier of fear. 
This new moon reading is to good not to share, from my favourite Laurence Spencer King. She tells you also how to do your new moon wishes. 


in recent times

- two films coming out with rachel weisz who I have huge respect for as an actress. Denial and the light between oceans

- had the pleasure of meeting the two creatives behind forest and found. it is great to chat to people about ideas and the world you are in. even though the creative life is a lovely job to take on it is a business at the end of the day and its great to swap stories. Their studio is also in a custom made shed, which had so much character and life to it, my eyes were darting everywhere taking it all in. 

- put on a 25% discount on my etsy shop, not because my work needed a discount, because I wanted to say thank you to everyone supporting me. Type in THANKYOU at checkout to redeem voucher, its valid till the 7th of September. 

- i kept seeing pictures of my work floating around on pinterest which is wonderful, but sometimes not the best quality. Big prompt to me to set up a board with my work on it, with descriptions and good quality images. 

- free and native has written an excellent article about hormone imbalances

Georgia O'Keeffe. Black Lava Bridge, Hana Coast-No. I, 1939