Monday, 25 April 2016


I love to know whats going on up there (moon/universe) to understand whats going on down here. Its something about being completely in touch with nature/elements/universe that gives me my answers. 
These days I prefer this because its making me become more in tune with myself. So I have set myself a task this month of not asking other peoples opinions, whether its down to if the jeans I am wearing suit me or if the painting I just did was any good. Again its working towards finding out what works for me, listening to my own voice, instead of seeking others approval. Sort of a self love/confidence boosting exercise. 

Some universe things I have been reading:

- free and native moon readings just keep getting better and better, I think its simply written easier for me to understand. 
 It’s also a moon that focuses on getting clear with our relationships to others as well as self. Really dig and look at the root of the patterns that are coming to light

- sphinx and the milky way. Doesn't need much explaining. I post about her readings every two weeks.  
Keep thinking of every challenge that comes your way as an opportunity.  

- manuscript found in accra by Paulo Coelho read by Jeremy irons on Audible. another story about following your intuition. 

Babara Hepworth

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I like to be honest on this blog, so I have to admit I am getting a lot of anxiety at the moment. When the success of the show happened, I thought it might fizzle out in a couple of weeks. This is not to put myself down, but just speaking from experience. When you think something has peaked, I didn't think this high would continue. I am down to 57 paintings out of 500 in just under 5 months. I have two further magazine articles coming out covering this work, which there will be none to sell at this rate! I am a prolific artist yes, but I can't bosh them out to suit a purpose. And there are private commissions on top and commercial commissions also. Then preparing for a show in Japan and the show with Jacob bodilly.  Listing off all these opportunities my life is pretty sweet right now, but there is panic. Will the money I make now be all of it for the rest of the year? like it has been most years. Will people pay more for my work as I have to put the prices up? Was it right to say no to selling prints to Ikea? On and on these questions go. 
Only thing I can do at the moment is just go with the flow, and try to stay present. So all the questions which are aimed at the future take them to a point where I can answer them in the now. This doesn't stop me feeling anxiety which is having havoc on my appetite and insomnia, but it does help me to keep moving. 

Roger Fenton in 1859

this week

- sky the film. As my brother said to me its a very "lucy" film. I'll take that as a compliment because I bloody loved this film. The direction, soundtrack, acting, wardrobe, scenery. Makes me want to move to the American desert.  About taking life day by day, never knowing where you will end up, but staying open to possibilities. 

- hung out in Selfridges for hours on Monday. I am a very specific shopper so don't really cruise around. But it was so windy and cold outside, thought fuck it this shops big enough to pass the time.  Loved the art direction of the shop now, displays and how things are laid out. 

- wanting to get myself an allotment to grow cutting flowers. Lusting over Floret flowers selection. 

- my ceramics obsession continues. This time for Hasami Porcelain Japan. Look it up. 

Zoller, Charles C.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

simple things

So this week is starting off to a confusing start because of the male race, sorry to single you out guys but is there something in this spring air that has made you a bit cuckoo? Anyways sweeping that aside, because I have so much work to focus on art is my number one right now. Spring has finally woken up and so has my artwork. I had panicked trying to create in the winter months and nothing was working. Note to self go away to a hot climate in winter! But at last I feel things starting to click. Just the simple task of ordering paper samples and coordinating the colours that I will use to produce new work for my Japan show later in the year. 
Already so early in my carer even after one show I do not want to be a one trick pony, so it is very important I invest the same amount of energy and passion to creating the new and next phase of my work. While experimenting with what I have already discovered about what fills me with joy to paint. At the moment I just can't get away from flowers, I am in it right now. I strolled down the lane by my studio collecting flowers; periwinkle, bluebell and blossom. Out of these three simple plants came 12 new paintings. 


Friday, 8 April 2016

later in the week

- Moon reading by the Queen of moon readings Lauren Spencer King

- More moon news but followed with wellbeing and fashion links I love. Free and Native is one of the only blogs I check in weekly too. Makes me want to live in LA.

- Double checked my etsy site as there are only 187 out of the 500 plant series left. 

- visited the museum of east asian art in Bath. Lived here all my life and never been! I went now because of the stunning contemporary ink paintings which are on display there at the moment. 

- been busy in the garden planting up flowers for my sisters wedding. basically a mass of pink flowers.  For myself I have been sowing some red Indian sunflowers which I will plant in the fields at the studio to paint later this year. 

mark rothko

keep dreaming

I was listening to the alchemist by Paulo Coelho read by Jeremy Irons. Who has the most wonderful voice. This book defiantly resonates with me at the moment. Chasing a dream is what makes life exciting. What I have noticed, while chasing this dream you will intimidate others. I get very snide comments from people about what I do, and how I am as a person. This used to really upset me because I would be focusing on the comment which was inflicting me rather than the place it was actually coming from. Their lack of bravery to chase a dream. It is an easy path to follow the map of normality. Nine times out of ten if I wrote down the harsh comments I got given I could give it back to that same person and it would be more relevant to them then it is to me. 

Live now what others dream to live in the future.
 - Paulo Coelho

New Zealand in Autumn

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

so far this Week

-I booked a holiday this morning, which I am a little obsessed with. A place called casa modesta in Portugal. 

- fell in love with the film before sunset. Especially the closing scene.

- added to my collection of pottery with a tiny pot from Matt Waite. I buy one thing at least once a month from this guy at the Frome market. I hope when I have a house of my own the collection will spread out throughout the house and look effortless because right now it looks like I live in a pottery shop. 

- Hatta Byng posted up her collection of my work on her instagram. Made my week very busy in result. Thank you Hatta!