Friday 9 September 2016

blind hope

I have noticed I only ask for advice when I am put in a situation where I have to face my fears. Commitment, my insecurities, and anything to do with my heart. I feel though I have had a particular story in my life unravel to deal with all these things in one big leap.
However one thing I noticed from all the advice given there was no hope to any of it. I am talking about matters of the heart people. Why is it when its something to do with an impossible situation and its something to do with heart, it is immediately given the cut your loses attitude. I give myself that advice too, I mentioned last time I cut things before they have even had a chance to bloom. I do that with my artwork too. Something I had crumpled up in the bin the day before I come back and see it was actually quite beautiful.  I just think being hopeful can only get you somewhere even if its not the destination you set out with, you are still moving. And focusing on one destination is controlling the situation, trying to make it perfect, and perfection isn't happiness.  I believe you got to have just blind hope that things will work out, not just in relationships but life generally. I am in the art business after all it has the most uncertain future I am running on blind hope.

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum NY

Thursday 1 September 2016

harvest moon

It is my favourite month, new beginnings happen in September, its the cusp of seasons. And everything starts a new round from businesses to home life. There is so much energy right now, and the first time all year I was able to set my new moon wishes. Something clicked, blocks cleared and I knew what I really wanted, the clarity was there behind the barrier of fear. 
This new moon reading is to good not to share, from my favourite Laurence Spencer King. She tells you also how to do your new moon wishes. 


in recent times

- two films coming out with rachel weisz who I have huge respect for as an actress. Denial and the light between oceans

- had the pleasure of meeting the two creatives behind forest and found. it is great to chat to people about ideas and the world you are in. even though the creative life is a lovely job to take on it is a business at the end of the day and its great to swap stories. Their studio is also in a custom made shed, which had so much character and life to it, my eyes were darting everywhere taking it all in. 

- put on a 25% discount on my etsy shop, not because my work needed a discount, because I wanted to say thank you to everyone supporting me. Type in THANKYOU at checkout to redeem voucher, its valid till the 7th of September. 

- i kept seeing pictures of my work floating around on pinterest which is wonderful, but sometimes not the best quality. Big prompt to me to set up a board with my work on it, with descriptions and good quality images. 

- free and native has written an excellent article about hormone imbalances

Georgia O'Keeffe. Black Lava Bridge, Hana Coast-No. I, 1939

Tuesday 30 August 2016


I spent the bank holiday, swimming in rivers, walking through woods and fields and braving the seas current to feel the salty water. It was the medicine I needed very calming, as all the things I had in my pipeline this year has sort of gone off course, either postponed or hasn't worked. It has made me feel nervous to talk about things before its the final product set in stone. It is hard when things don't work out. I watched a programme about the colour white and Wedgwood tried 411 different glazes till he reached that perfect white. It all comes down to patience. 
However when is it time to throw in the towel? I have thrown out a whole laundry bag of towels this past week personal life and work life. I tend to either let things go on too long or not long enough, probably be my life long lesson finding the balance between the two. 
But there is nothing like spending time in nature where only goodness grows to clear your head, find your roots. Right now that is nature, freedom, spontaneity, and following your heart. 

martin szekely crystal stool

Wednesday 24 August 2016


I talk about working towards my next section of work, but actually I don't think the work is in sections. Instead it is a continuous section of work, my whole life will be a block of work. You don't just close one project and move on to the next, I find thats what you did at GCSE level. Instead it evolves. I hit a eureka moment yesterday, everything i have been doing has led me to this new style of painting. It feels so honest and true. You know that saying, 'everything happens for a reason', I believe having this break from the studio and continuously working and painting has made me step back and research. I have been writing down in a notebook everything I discover. getting back to the core looking at true artists like David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy who make art alongside nature. You see their studio it is so basic and some art is never seen its just out there existing. 
Every painting I have created so far has led me to the way I paint. The first painting of a flower looks so stiff to me now and I can barely look at it. But it was a process as I called my show 500 flowers the artists process. I had to paint so many to access that freedom I have now. 
But my new block of work will be created in smaller quantities focused on different areas of the land and I will travel across Britain going to specific areas to paint. I will start this in October when I have my studio and space to excel. Till now I will continue to create and practice. I am off to paint at Bayntun flowers as its dahlia season at the moment, which are wonderful to draw such proud plants. However I do feel this will be my last block of plant paintings that I will sell individually, as it wont suit the heart of what I am planning for next. 

llyn y fan fach, wales.

Monday 22 August 2016

in recent times

- working my way through all these art documentaries. My favourites are the ones presented by Dr James cook. 

- Grayson Perry Directors Cut. My favourite part is where he is looking forward to being an artist again. Not being consumed with other projects other than his own. I feel the same that everything is on hold for me at the moment like I am in a dormant winter period. 

- Rebecca Salter Japanese Woodcuts video on the Ra site made me want to get printing again. 

- Listening to Lisa Hannigans new album At Swim. Favourite songs: Fall and Snow.

- I really fancy sitting and do nothing lately just eating Doughnuts from Pippin and watching grand designs. 

sleeping cat - ruskin

Sunday 21 August 2016


"I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form."
Albus Dumbledore 
Right now I could really do with a pensieve, I have so much floating about in my mind. It is like all my ideas are balloons and I am trying to grab on to them before they float away. Its frustrating but it also makes me excited to get in my studio so I can start creating. The studio hasn't even got foundations yet as its been so stressful trying to get it sorted. I keep thinking am I building a shed or a mansion? Me being me I read into this as a sign for me not to continue with putting my shed on the land or doing it at all. Then I got a call from the farmer who is allowing me to build on his land, " Lucy your phone is awful I can't hear what you are saying but it doesn't matter, you have got to only hear what I am saying, and I am telling you that you need to trust me. You are going to be ok on my land. That is all." and he hung up the phone.