Sunday, 7 February 2016

this week

- I have become quite obsessed with Muji lately. Investing in pieces for my studio. I look at their website all the time for design solutions to make my studio more organised. Started as a healthy search for storage items, now I want to kit my whole life out with it. 

- attended the Anita Goa Moon phase yoga workshop yesterday at yoga bodhi. For those two hours I was gripped with the knowledge she had. Learning how to set intentions, how to balance your energy. 

- went to see the Garden exhibition at the RA. I was totally overwhelmed, by the work and by the amount of work. It was so much to take in! different movements, years, artists , styles. I loved it for the fact it was so diverse. To me this is a very important exhibition as I am a floral artist, and it is wonderful to see a place like the RA noticing how impactful gardens can be to art. 

- The golden lady film, I can't recommend enough. A film about justice and not giving up. 

marie antoinette

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