Monday, 1 February 2016

agnes martin

"from music people accept pure emotion, but from art they demand explantation". Agnes Martin. 

Getting to know Agnes Martin more, there is a brilliant video shot by the Tate. The more I learn, the more it resonates with me. How spirituality is a part of art, and how art is pure emotion. This is how I approach my work. I work at a yoga studio in the evenings, I wanted to widen my knowledge on yoga and meditation. It is also a nicer industry to work in compared to catering. It means I am not bringing my troubles from my bread and butter job into my creative work. 
I am trying to learn how to silence the noise. And by noise other peoples comments and my thoughts that bombard the brain. When I get into this sedative state I find my paintings are clear and pure. When I drew 500 paintings, I got into a rhythm a fluid motion of painting and observing, and in that repetitive action you find a bliss. If you have ever been to a yoga or meditation class they talk about this, how yoga can clear away your troubles as you are focusing on the breath and the movement. 

Another link to more information about Agnes Martin. 

Agnes Martin

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