Monday, 28 March 2016

quiet art

I have decided to come up with my own art movement. I don't fit any of the existing categories, and people understand you through labels. And so not to be put into the wrong category,
this way I can dictate my own path. Also most movements come out of being the opposite of what is current in the art world. So to me all exhibitions of modern art is about having a statement making a point, very in your face. Mine isn't political its about form, nature, emotion. I haven't tried to associate an explanation to any of my work like this flower represents the meaning of life blah blah. 

If there was something more to put with my type of art it is the peacefulness you achieve when you meditate, or their is a moment of calm in a day. When I paint the world is pressed on pause, and there is a moment of beauty where you just paint. I suppose those quiet times in such a noisy world that we live in.  You are left with a painting that is quiet, simple to look at, asks you no questions, maybe triggers a memory who knows.

Like all things that are happening in my carer I have taken the No's into I will do it for myself. Couldn't get a gallery to put on a show of my work, so I did my own. Couldn't get an agent so I became my own. Can't fit into the art world so I will create my own. 


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