Friday, 4 March 2016

social media

"It is a constant measure, a concrete, indisputable number of how good you are, how many people "like" you, how talented they think you are, and how much they love, or god forbid hate what you are doing. It feels like a forum where people have free reign to judge you and your work, and the worst part is that is makes you feel like you need their approval, their love, their "likes" and "follows". so not only are you constantly judging yourself based on these numbers, you are then taking that judgment, and comparing it to how you measure up against other. "

The whole article is bang on! you really need to read it. 
I make my instagram account to be centred around Lucy Auge the artist. My art, who inspires me, things like that. And yes I may put up a picture of where I am, but it is usually relevant to my work. There are a few scattered selfies here and there but I do find this is useful for meetings so people can recognise you! 

One thing I do control is who I follow back, there was a time where I was following all my friends, illustrators, celebs etc. Basically because I didn't know who to follow, but then I fell into that trap above which the holy kale article speaks about. I started over worrying! I adore my instagram account, but I have totally changed the way I use it. I thought what knowledge do I want to be fed here? And if you look down my follow feed it is mainly yoga,wellbeing, moon related people I follow. Along with craftsmen, in different countries, I love to see what the weather is like on the different side of the world! I follow someone and there is a picture of him in Japan banging snow of his tree! Simple things like that I like to see. Basically none threatening, I don't subconsciously get jealous over that. Maybe a little bit because I love snow, but you get my point..

I just think these days you have got to make everything your own, make it work for you. 

Also I personally feel its quite nice to keep some mystery about your life.

Andreea Diaconu by Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands October 2015

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