Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I talk about working towards my next section of work, but actually I don't think the work is in sections. Instead it is a continuous section of work, my whole life will be a block of work. You don't just close one project and move on to the next, I find thats what you did at GCSE level. Instead it evolves. I hit a eureka moment yesterday, everything i have been doing has led me to this new style of painting. It feels so honest and true. You know that saying, 'everything happens for a reason', I believe having this break from the studio and continuously working and painting has made me step back and research. I have been writing down in a notebook everything I discover. getting back to the core looking at true artists like David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy who make art alongside nature. You see their studio it is so basic and some art is never seen its just out there existing. 
Every painting I have created so far has led me to the way I paint. The first painting of a flower looks so stiff to me now and I can barely look at it. But it was a process as I called my show 500 flowers the artists process. I had to paint so many to access that freedom I have now. 
But my new block of work will be created in smaller quantities focused on different areas of the land and I will travel across Britain going to specific areas to paint. I will start this in October when I have my studio and space to excel. Till now I will continue to create and practice. I am off to paint at Bayntun flowers as its dahlia season at the moment, which are wonderful to draw such proud plants. However I do feel this will be my last block of plant paintings that I will sell individually, as it wont suit the heart of what I am planning for next. 

llyn y fan fach, wales.

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