Tuesday, 30 August 2016


I spent the bank holiday, swimming in rivers, walking through woods and fields and braving the seas current to feel the salty water. It was the medicine I needed very calming, as all the things I had in my pipeline this year has sort of gone off course, either postponed or hasn't worked. It has made me feel nervous to talk about things before its the final product set in stone. It is hard when things don't work out. I watched a programme about the colour white and Wedgwood tried 411 different glazes till he reached that perfect white. It all comes down to patience. 
However when is it time to throw in the towel? I have thrown out a whole laundry bag of towels this past week personal life and work life. I tend to either let things go on too long or not long enough, probably be my life long lesson finding the balance between the two. 
But there is nothing like spending time in nature where only goodness grows to clear your head, find your roots. Right now that is nature, freedom, spontaneity, and following your heart. 

martin szekely crystal stool

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