Sunday, 13 September 2015


I always give credit where credit is due. If I have been inspired by someone I will tell them. So I will mention early in this blog Sphinx and the Milky Way. I have read her blog since the beginning of the year for her moon readings. They are incredibly accurate and I adore reading them. I have got into all things moon and spiritual in the past few years as a way of understanding things. I will obsess about things until I have figured it out or found an answer. Sometimes however life throws you questions that aren't meant to be answered and are just there to change your path. I find learning about the moon and the universe makes me understand how and why we can be effected and this has given me some answers I have been searching for.
Sphinx and the Milky Ways blog has inspired me to start up my own blog again. I blogged for years about my gardening to fashion then lost my interest. I am using her blog as a template to pick up from again, till I have found my way. 

Philolaos Tloupas

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