Tuesday, 15 September 2015

tracey emin

Along with classical music I listen to podcasts and interviews with artists on you tube. I am trying to learn about my industry and there really isn't a set programme of how to do things it is more about listening to other peoples journeys. I found this Tracey Emin talk at MCA. I must of listened to it about 3 or more times now. It is so honest, like her work I guess. But she is so open about her inspirations where she gets her ideas from, absolutely everything she talks about it is so refreshing to hear this. I sometimes feel that artists and the art world is one big secret and no one wants to tell the other person what they are doing. I hate secrets, I think they are shady behaviour and only leads to problems. I don't know one secret that has ever been kept that has been about something good. 

My favourite part of the interview where she shows us what she bought for herself with her money to treat herself. I really enjoyed seeing the art that inspires her. She said it is all old art.

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