Tuesday, 20 October 2015

good things

I am rebuilding myself after knocks I have taken. I would say the last 5 years have been tough. And sweeping the problems under the rug haven't worked, I defiantly burnt out. Seems so young to have done already and I am only 27. There was a time where everything merged, I had a serve illness which gave me seizures everyday (first year without them), then recovering that found myself with a very abusive boyfriend who put me down all the time, and played a lot of mind games. Then breaking into the art world hasn't been exactly easy constant rejection, and then a few companies I have worked with haven't exactly been dream teams to work with. However even though I am tired mentally, and probably quick to anger a little more than I like to be. I think that is ok given what has gone on, and that as I mentioned a few posts ago to stop being hard on yourself and give yourself time to heal.

I heal through finding the positive in the situation, if I have had a tough day or week, I write down all the good things that have happened. From all sorts of things and then at the end of that list guarantee I am smiling again. 

past fortnight good things:

- signed a deal with Anthropologie US for a two year contract to collaborate.
- successfully made chia breakfast pots had them for breakfast 3 days in a row now.
- had an excellent yoga class with my teacher Simona at Yoga bodhi
- loved the latest episode of Downton abbey. 
- spontaneously met up with the guy I fancy.
- had a lovely day out in London with my mum.
- another person from apple got in contact with me about my work. 
- autumn is looking stunning. 
- scanning in my work for my show and had a huge moment of pride, for what I have achieved. 

 Romance Sentimentale, 1930

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