Friday, 23 October 2015

speaking out

On Monday I got fired from the pub job I work part time at. I have never got fired from anywhere, and catering is in my blood, been working as a waitress since I was 14, as I grew up in the catering industry. My parents owned a restaurant. I got fired from the pub because I couldn't make my 3 hour shift. Basically I cancelled it as apple called me last minute and wanted to meet in London. So I got cover for my shift and rushed off for maybe a meeting that could change my carer. Would I do it again, yes I would. 
I was also told that I was being difficult at work. This got me thinking and becoming slightly paranoid that am I a difficult person? As one of the staff did point out, is that I speak up for myself and thats what gets me into trouble. So it is not really that I am difficult its because I speak up for myself, defend myself. I did think if I didn't speak up for myself I would of never made that connection with apple I would of never got noticed by one of the largest companies in the world. If i stick to being quite, taking the shit, taking the flack, I would probably still be working in that pub, instead of chasing my dream. 

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