Saturday, 23 January 2016


I have been in the studio a lot. I have a mouse problem, attracted by my mini kitchen I have in there. Which Ironically doesn't serve as a kitchen as it isn't plumbed in and the fridge is just full of different sauces the boys I share the barn with use on the sausages they cook on the grill. So I have got rid of it, pulled it out all myself, filling the holes with bricks, a total bodge job. It is very exciting thinking how I will arrange my furniture how I can best utilise the space etc. 
While I am in there I listen to a lot of stories and music:

- Hannah Cohen - Child bride. (fav song don't say)

- the soundtrack to the theory of everything

- Savasana - Wha! ( 100% yoga music, be ready) 

- Jimmy - Moriaty ( just that song) 

- What are you looking at by Will Gompertz

Etruscan gold acorn

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