Wednesday, 18 May 2016

mad head

venus sextile chiron is building to exact thursday, bringing energy for creating harmony and growth from old wounds that seem all too easy to re-open. what's more, mercury slowing toward its direct station this sunday may find you relentlessly re-playing and turning over old patterns of victimhood and lack.
while it may feel natural to shrink from this influence and sever contact with anything that triggers you, i invite you instead to open. to give voice to your emotions — no matter how unseemly — rather than drowning in them.
this is a sacred opportunity to get back in touch with who you are and what you value at your core. to direct your outward energy in the form of truthfulness and worthiness rather than becoming small. 
when we allow ourselves to get really honest and admit to the pain, fear, or anxiety which threaten to engulf us, a marvelous thing happens: we open ourselves up to deep transformation. we integrate our experiences rather than denying them and suddenly discover a new path forward.

there's no way into the possibilities offered by this transit but by allowing yourself to become vulnerable. ask for help if you need it. give support where you can. 
and work to find beauty in what's broken so that you may find that transformative space where brokenness points you back toward belonging. 

I got sent this piece of writing this morning. its by Moon Quartz. So glad I did as I thought I was going mad. Which I defiantly already am, my nickname is mad head. But I was ready to throw in the towel to everything. I think when old wounds resurface, they play a huge part of whatever is going on in your life. 
I defiantly know my wounds are trust issues, and the ongoing feeling that good things don't last. I already feel vulnerable enough, putting my artwork out into the world is no easy feat, and I am hugely open as a person. Its the second part knowing how to fully unravel this transition part to find the new path forward. I don't really know anything right now or how to finish this post. But I think finding out what I value from my core is the focus right now. 

Luminous Mediterranean Painting by Pierre Boncompain 

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