Monday, 30 May 2016


"When someone tells you it can't be done, it's more of a reflection of their limitations, not yours."

I have been revolving around this quote for the past couple of weeks. Focusing on it because of my current studio situation. I can even remember before I even had a studio I was told there was no possibility I couldn't afford it. I wanted it so much I mentioned it to everyone who crossed my path. And just so happened two guys popped into the pub I was working in and said I hear you are looking for a space. 
Few days later I shook hands with these guys renting off them a 3 walled room in the back of a barn in the middle of no where, for £50 a month. 
Then I spent the next 4 months doing it up; painting 4 coats of white paint to get rid of the grime, scrubbing the floor which had a thick layer of crap and shit on it. Filling all the gaping holes, made by bullets. Taking down the pine cabinets, falling through the plaster board while doing it. 
Then I worked in a windowless cold studio with no loo for a year and a half, because I LOVE what I do. As I was determined to have a place of my own to create my art. Also I wont have anyone telling it can't be done. 

I have reached that same point in my life where I come to a hurdle where I get told it can't be done.
I was told I can't put a window in the barn for my studio. To some people that would be end of the road, but for me its how will I solve this? I wont settle, If I know I can do better. So I have searched the internet travelled to Devon and London in search of a suitable alternative. And the chance to leap came at Chelsea Flower Show a studio office you put outside.

So I have my new studio arriving in September, right before the winter months hit. I will kit it out with a loo, log burner and the whole front and sides of the building are windows! I truly believe you are your own fairy godmother in this life. You wish for something, but its down to you to put it into action. 
The wishes 99% happen when you know what you want is what you truly desire. Thats tricky when you don't know if you are listening to your ego or your heart. With my art its always the heart.


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  1. Good for you Lucy! You're an unstoppable force.
    You give me great confidence in my own potential.