Saturday, 7 May 2016

this week.. work wise

- worked with this visionary photographer Emma Lewis for me and Jacobs collaboration. As I have said before I HATE having my photograph taken because I hate the posing and also that I pull a weird face and look rubbish. But Emma worked through out the day like a cool breeze snapping away effortlessly. 

- I now have an agent to work on with contracts. I am lucky enough to of got put in touch with the art director of Apple, who has been advising me in times of crisis with my carer and he put me in touch with Big Active in London. I never wanted an agent because i don't want anyone deciding the direction my artwork should go. But I am not so arrogant that I don't think that I need help in the commercial legal side of things. 

- I personally believe it was a strike of fate that led me to get to know Polly Nicholson of Bayntun Flowers. I can tell you now I have produced some of my greatest pieces of work in her garden. I spent the afternoon there painting for my next exhibition. I have been pestering her about tulips to paint. As I have been trying to capture there strong forms without it looking false. And literally as soon as i drive through those gates to her house, a rush of inspiration hits me. She picks flowers, like I pick my materials I use. Very personal to her and with great consideration.

- started looking for a new studio. just because I need windows. my studio has no windows, heating, loo and has a few pests. But it is surrounded by fields, quite and dirt cheap. I am happy there but long term commitments are looming and the windowless situation is starting to feel like a dungeon. I moved in the summer last year so was always outdoors but over the winter I suffered feeling trapped. A free spirit feeling caged only leads to the need for escape. 

kate moss by bruce weber

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