Tuesday, 5 January 2016

this week

At the moment I have this overwhelming desire to get painting again. Been having wonderful ideas of what I want to do next with my work. This isn't the case yet though, I am still sorting through my work, unclipping all the frames and filing the pictures away. 

-evenings trying to zone out been watching War and Peace on the BBC. My mother loved the book and wanted to name her children after the characters. My father said no. 

-booked to go see Matt Haig at Toppings booksellers in Bath. reasons to stay alive, as I am curious and I want to know his answer. 

-listening to Elizabeth Gilberts new book 'Big Magic' as recommended to me by someone who bought my work.

-each week I have been uploading 10 pieces of work from my 500 flowers show on to my etsy site. 

-this is the type of art I would like in my room. Katherine Wolkoff deer bed. She followed deers and where they had been sleeping and made a series of photographs of them. Subtle and calm. As I can't afford the photo It is my computer screensaver. 

Nobuyoshi Araki

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