Thursday, 14 January 2016

this week

-on the drive to London I spotted this incredible building, just sitting empty. Its called the Hoover building. I think it is such a crime that beauty, skill and vision should just sit helpless. 

- I finally got round to watching the film Youth. I am in awe of this film. Like a good book you read too quickly and have to go back and read it again to soak in all the brilliant anecdotes it has to offer. This film is visually stunning. It has also inspired a trip I shall take to Switzerland this year to go paint their wildflowers.

- buying sweet peas from Eagle Sweet peas. I first spotted these people at Chelsea flower show. They produce the most gorgeous specimens. 

- slowly making my way through this documentary about painting Winter. It has Grayson Perry talking about art so I was hooked immediately.

- part of the programme looked at when the Thames froze over 200 years ago, and a winter wonderland market popped up for 10 weeks across it. That is really turning lemons into lemonade.

- nature feels as well: 'Heartbreaking pictures show mother kangaroo reaching for joey one last time before dying in male companion's arms'.


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