Saturday, 23 January 2016

this week

- coverting a Cecile Daladier ceramic vase. This woman is a huge inspiration to me. She is very prolific with her work also.

- visting a sea of snowdrops at Painswick Rococo gardens. I wouldn't recomended going miles out of your way for it as its not their best year because of the funny year. But I am particularly inspired by their form for my new work so I made the journey.

- read this full moon post by desiree pais, words hit home for me and also it has been something I have been trying to find the words for myself. 
"with courage, I am now on a mission not for self-improvement but for self-acceptance. To leave the fear behind, the control behind, the doubt behind, the rigidness behind, letting go of everything that keeps me small and in the way of experiencing happiness in this beautiful thing called Human Life. "

- obsessed with the fountain supplements, taking this to keep me well while I am so busy, with commissions and sorting my studio.

Sergej Jensen

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