Tuesday, 7 June 2016

this week, and a bit about phone calls.

- best song I am listening to at the moment : California dreamin' by Amason

-I am researching patterns for the project I am working with Esme Winter on. they directed me to look at Cooper Hewitt archive. I mean wow! this archive is incredible 3 hours at a time has passed looking through this site.

- I have been scanning all my latest works in to sell on etsy. It takes a couple of days and is very boring. So been working my way through mad men series. I have always loved this programme but never got round to watching the last season. I found the last episode needed a little more explaining. And came across this wonderful interview with the creator
He just tells Peggy, just move forward — that's his philosophy in life." (about Don Draper)
another extract from interview:
"Person to Person" has a personal meaning. The final episode's title refers to the three phone calls Don has with the three women in his life — Sally, Betty and Peggy — but Weiner said it's also about the phone itself. "A lot of the most important things in my life have happened to me over the phone," he said, remember that before texting and voicemails, "It's a dramatic situation almost every time when you answer the phone ­— if you answer the phone."

I agree phone calls are about bravery these days. In my quest to master any fears/worries that come my way, which could be hidden behind email or texting tennis. I just pick up the phone, hear the voice, connect. We already don't have enough face time with people I believe voice time shouldn't be cut out either. 

cooper hewitt archive

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