Tuesday, 7 June 2016

fall or fly

You know that time when everything in your life is just a little quite, you sleep at night, you have a rhythm going. And then boom! you get blind sided. That happened to me last week with good and bad elements. I have had, very large commissions in which is wonderful but everything needs to be done within a week, along with all the other work that I am doing. Its exciting but wow it pushes you. 
So I was already stretched mentally when I arrive at my studio and the guys I share the barn with decided they need the space back. It was a blow because I have worked in this place for a year and a half now, made it my own invested in it. It became my sanctuary. So to have it taken away it was crushing. However I knew it was coming so that is why I had been looking for a new place. I didn't like having my studio under the roof of someone else rules, it never sat right with me, never felt like I could be truly free. So being chucked out before my new space was sorted, just made me think thank god I had started this looking process.

Even though I question my next step to put down roots on this farmers land literally a stone throws away from where I am now. I will be investing every penny I have to buy and customise a garden office. Its a panic because again you are putting your dreams into someone else's hands and they could take it away from you at any minute. I suppose though you have got to trust in the power of contracts. And as I live most of my life by Peter Pan quotes:
"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"
I am praying I fly. 


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