Thursday, 16 June 2016

new adventures and new chapters

Literally just came back from holiday and feel the need to write. As I want to capture this moment. My week break couldn't of come at a better time to press pause. I felt while I was away to write down every little thought that popped in my head to get it out of my system. Also I had my phone switched off the whole time so all thoughts were my own. 
I came to the conclusion that I will invest in the studio, I read the book Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen while I was away and there is a chapter about love over fear. Talks about the things that scare you build you to your most important parts of your life. Each time you overcome something that feels scary at the time it just keeps moving you forward. 
The other thing that made me decide to go ahead with the studio was because I want to be able to travel more, so by building my own place I don't have huge over heads like I would if I was renting. when I say traveling its not the usual strap a back pack on and do the gap year circuit. I want to explore culture.  Just 4 days in a new place once and a while. Put the breaks on my self employed life, refreshes my outlooks and gain new inspiration. Staying in places like Casa Modesta which was where I stayed in Portugal the place attracted cultured people to, I made new friends, and the place itself was just an overflowing source of creative details. One of the people I met there told me about a website where you can go stay in similar unique places across the globe.
 New adventures and new chapters. 

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  1. well adjusted and thoughtful. send some clarity my way please x