Monday, 4 July 2016

of late

- some of the free people videos are quite cheesy but I have always liked this road trip one with erin Wasson. 

- I regretted not going up to see the Agnes Martin exhibition at the Tate modern. I just didn't know  about her. And now I adore her work and her philosophy. There are brilliant documentaries about her on You tube. Watch what she has to say, its so honest. 

- Georgia O'keefe. I like her work but I like how she moved to the desert and adapted her work to life out there. I will go see her show at the Tate Modern, even if I think £19 entry is very steep. 

- came across this beautiful piece of music. Umrika Village - Dustin O'Halloran

- listening to Tracks by Robyn Davidson on audio book, while traveling at the moment. It is a great story, fuels my desire to go to the outback.

- i posted this quote up on my instagram from the book into the wild. This quote to me sums up the only way I live, and where happiness exists. 

anish kapoor

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