Sunday, 31 July 2016


I have been spending the last couple of weeks, rebranding myself no obvious change just yet, more of a slower burner development stage I am in right now. In preparation for my new show next year and my studio. A bit like developing a capsule wardrobe for yourself so you have to think less about what to wear each day you can focus on the things that need more energy. 
It has been tricky to create work for myself with everything that has been going on in work and personal life. I do feel very positive for the next stage. Writing down phrases to stick to for my next block of work. I feel flowers to me is what geometric shapes are to Sean Scully its a way of expressing yourself. I was saying to my potter friend who I am creating work with that, I may be paintings flowers on the pots now but I think eventually the shapes of the flower will be pure movement in the end. 

Games room in Landmark Trust property Monkton Old Hall in Pembroke 

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