Saturday, 9 July 2016

of late

- found this video through free and native. Going to have to watch it few times to get it to sink in but there is some very interesting advice to be learned. re programming yourself to break habits to let in new thoughts. 

- I like these " rules for life" very much. Found on a piece apart blog. 
1. Be comfortable in the discomfort – change is on the horizon and it will inevitably take you somewhere interesting. 
2. If you’re stuck, get up and leave – the answer usually is not within the room you are sitting. 
3. If there is any ounce of initial doubt, linger there for a moment and explore it. There is a reason it exists. 
4. If a piece is not singing to you, don’t be afraid of wiping the page clean and starting again. You learned from the experience, but you don’t need the paper to record it.

- I have put my postcards and tape I made at a lower price on etsy. Purely as I am going to discontinue the line because I want to make room in my studio and not have to buy special sized envelopes anymore that take up more room. that is all. 

- Richard Tuttle, artists are like clouds. I agree with some but not all he says. 

- my friend showed me an old catalogue of shaker furniture. I loved the honey coloured wood. Defiantly want to get my hands on something shaker for my studio, I find it very pleasing to look at. 

- the pottery collaboration is still underway, and I might of turned it all on its head. the tests we created are beautiful but it needs more something? so I have been looking at pictures of Lucie Rie. But it is hard to find things out about her, no videos or documentaries. why is this?

agnes martin

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