Sunday, 17 July 2016

of late

- I watched the film Paddington this week and its the most imaginative children's film I have seen since spirited away. And the comic timing was brilliant! 

- Saw on arts nights spotlights on contenders for museum of the year, and for the first time discovered the sculpture park Jupiter Artland looks fantastic! First time discovering Anya Gallacio her piece 'the light pours through me' has a spiritual quality to it because of the mass of Amethyst.

- looking forward to the BFG. Thank god for Roald Dahl stories otherwise I wouldn't of read as a child. And Mark Rylance is someone I admire, he has a subtly and knowledge.

- was my sisters wedding yesterday at the Talbot Inn in Mells. and they just smashed it! out of the park service and food, such a perfect day. 

- I have a girl crush on Jessica Kamm think she has a really brilliant aesthetic and approach to business and life. I also want her house and wardrobe. 

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  1. dear lucy:

    after following your instagram for some time, i've finally gone through all of your posts over the past week and just have to let you know how much i appreciate your honesty on here. deep down i am an artist more than anything but have been a bit lost these past 5 years (quite miserably) spent studying science at uni. your posts about believing in your work and struggling to fit into the art world really resonate with me, and your work is very inspiring. i look forward to reading your future posts and following your artistic journey :)

    all the best,
    abby from canada

    1. thank you for reaching out always so touching to get a response. quite speechless on what to respond.

      Lucy x