Wednesday, 20 April 2016

this week

- sky the film. As my brother said to me its a very "lucy" film. I'll take that as a compliment because I bloody loved this film. The direction, soundtrack, acting, wardrobe, scenery. Makes me want to move to the American desert.  About taking life day by day, never knowing where you will end up, but staying open to possibilities. 

- hung out in Selfridges for hours on Monday. I am a very specific shopper so don't really cruise around. But it was so windy and cold outside, thought fuck it this shops big enough to pass the time.  Loved the art direction of the shop now, displays and how things are laid out. 

- wanting to get myself an allotment to grow cutting flowers. Lusting over Floret flowers selection. 

- my ceramics obsession continues. This time for Hasami Porcelain Japan. Look it up. 

Zoller, Charles C.

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