Monday, 25 April 2016


I love to know whats going on up there (moon/universe) to understand whats going on down here. Its something about being completely in touch with nature/elements/universe that gives me my answers. 
These days I prefer this because its making me become more in tune with myself. So I have set myself a task this month of not asking other peoples opinions, whether its down to if the jeans I am wearing suit me or if the painting I just did was any good. Again its working towards finding out what works for me, listening to my own voice, instead of seeking others approval. Sort of a self love/confidence boosting exercise. 

Some universe things I have been reading:

- free and native moon readings just keep getting better and better, I think its simply written easier for me to understand. 
 It’s also a moon that focuses on getting clear with our relationships to others as well as self. Really dig and look at the root of the patterns that are coming to light

- sphinx and the milky way. Doesn't need much explaining. I post about her readings every two weeks.  
Keep thinking of every challenge that comes your way as an opportunity.  

- manuscript found in accra by Paulo Coelho read by Jeremy irons on Audible. another story about following your intuition. 

Babara Hepworth

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