Friday, 8 April 2016

keep dreaming

I was listening to the alchemist by Paulo Coelho read by Jeremy Irons. Who has the most wonderful voice. This book defiantly resonates with me at the moment. Chasing a dream is what makes life exciting. What I have noticed, while chasing this dream you will intimidate others. I get very snide comments from people about what I do, and how I am as a person. This used to really upset me because I would be focusing on the comment which was inflicting me rather than the place it was actually coming from. Their lack of bravery to chase a dream. It is an easy path to follow the map of normality. Nine times out of ten if I wrote down the harsh comments I got given I could give it back to that same person and it would be more relevant to them then it is to me. 

Live now what others dream to live in the future.
 - Paulo Coelho

New Zealand in Autumn

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