Tuesday, 12 April 2016

simple things

So this week is starting off to a confusing start because of the male race, sorry to single you out guys but is there something in this spring air that has made you a bit cuckoo? Anyways sweeping that aside, because I have so much work to focus on art is my number one right now. Spring has finally woken up and so has my artwork. I had panicked trying to create in the winter months and nothing was working. Note to self go away to a hot climate in winter! But at last I feel things starting to click. Just the simple task of ordering paper samples and coordinating the colours that I will use to produce new work for my Japan show later in the year. 
Already so early in my carer even after one show I do not want to be a one trick pony, so it is very important I invest the same amount of energy and passion to creating the new and next phase of my work. While experimenting with what I have already discovered about what fills me with joy to paint. At the moment I just can't get away from flowers, I am in it right now. I strolled down the lane by my studio collecting flowers; periwinkle, bluebell and blossom. Out of these three simple plants came 12 new paintings. 


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