Thursday, 4 August 2016

finding balance

I have produced no work lately because I have been on the battle field. All my time is taken up fighting. Fighting to get my ideas across, fighting for my studio, fighting for my art work to stop being copied etc. I am exhausted. It also doesn't put me in the right frame of mind to work. I think while I spend all this time painting this lovely scroll I am sure a few months later I will post up an image of another artist who has completely ripped me off. It is the upsetting truth which is repeated throughout history. 
Now onwards, to think how I will come back from this point. I have decided to limit my energy output on to other projects other than my own. I will no longer do collaborations, favours, free work for publicity etc. What I have learnt is it doesn't grow you it weakens you. And this is not me being bitter, it is me deciding what is best for myself, my art. 

Commissions are different someone employing you for your uniqueness and employing you for what you already do. I have worked with some amazing people and companies on commissions. And they just flow as its balanced. And this is what it comes down to balance. My balance has been off with my self I will admit with all the projects I have on I have spread myself to thin. I need to come back to myself and recenter and this is how I see it happening. 

a well traveled woman 

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