Saturday, 6 August 2016

of late

-  few favourites on instagram I like to follow. ashley helvey, nodi rugs, both have a certain aesthetic. Both have a very distinctive colour palette that I like. 

- went to London and visited 5 exhibitions, Bowie at Sotheby's, David Hockney portraits, Summer Exhibition, Georgia O'keeffe and the new section of the Tate. Each had its elements I liked, but my favourite was the new building of the Tate Modern. The building itself, not the art work in it, I thought the art was awful. But the building was seamless, I loved the alcoves where you could sit drink tea and look out the large windows. 

- talking of tea, I love that in Bath we have Comins tea. They have so much wisdom on their product. Also I covet everything in there, from their glasses to their tables they got made by Litton furniture

- favourite song at the moment: Strange weather by Anna Calvi. I wish I could sing like her. 


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