Saturday, 13 August 2016

of late

- Special Plants, is a nursery and garden. Was very inspired by this place, because of the design and planting. So much imagination. The building itself the garden is based around, is full of amazing mid century furniture and design. The owner is an architect and the wife does all the plants, great combination of talents. 

- spending hours looking at vessels for my pottery collaboration ( will explain in another post) . I am in love with egyptian and roman pots. The colours are so warm, with their pastel paints they used to decorate. 

- lots of documentary watching this week:

Katie Paterson - What Do Artists Do All Day

- poster for my show in Japan has now gone live into the world. 

- been attending the outside cinema at the Holborn organised by our local independent cinema in Bath. There is something about these kind of experiences I really like. 

picture of crystals found on pinterest

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