Tuesday, 3 November 2015


When is it right to let something go? 
How do you know when to fight for it?
What you let happen now is what will continue?

All questions I ask myself probably on a weekly basis. Just because I find life throws at you obstacles that make you question, your self worth in my opinion. And when your self esteem is so low a slight trigger to past events is a familiar process. Trying to listen out to your gut, your heart, and your mind what they might be telling you sometimes can just be as hard. How about if you have been treated so badly before, that this is just the past experience telling you that the same problem is occurring and you should get out now? Instead of having patience to seeing what is around the corner. The bad is usually closely followed by the good. Looking for a silver lining in each situation. That is why hanging onto something bad can become a habit because the good is so closely behind it? 

 The answer defiantly comes with a question mark.
As I haven't quite worked this one out yet.

Renee Brown

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