Monday, 9 November 2015

where's my patron?

Who do you invite to an art show?
Once you have invited your friends, family, business contacts, clients. Who do you invite to widen your circle? I will be honest I am struggling to know, because it brings up the question where do I see my carer going? 
I know I want to be as successful as Hockney painting all the time, pushing my art style and not having the over hang of money worries. It is just knowing how to get there. 
The Turner Prize this year a nominee was an artist who hung fur coats on the back of chairs. I am a landscape and botanical painter coming into a world of contemporary and modern art. 
It makes me think where does my art work fit in. 
This might just be me thinking this but I feel the art world is stagnant at the moment. I am not saying the artists who are getting recognised aren't talented but there is no progression. Mainly I think because the new artists that are coming up now there is a certain box that they need to fit into to move up. Look at the exhibitions that are on at the moment in the big London galleries, the new art by artists who are alive like ai wei wei is again modern art, political, you have to read the sign on the door to know what the hell you are looking at, and 90% of the time the work isn't even made by the artist himself. Then you have other artist exhibition that are going on at the moment by deceased artist Alberto Giacometti. Work made by the artist, his own style, created a movement, and owned his craft. Love him or hate him at least Charles Saatchi was a patron to up and coming artists who bought up their work and people followed suit. He shifted the art world. Just like Ernest Hoschede did with the impressionists buying up Monet's work. 

I am calling out for the art world to get its new patron, mix it up bring back painting.
Artists who create their own work, not these directors. 


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