Friday, 13 November 2015


Since the beginning I have been thinking a lot about the pricing for my show. How much I should charge for each piece, should one be more expensive than the other?
I have come up with £40 per botanical illustration. Yes I know its low but I am not valuing my work as £40, I am allowing it to be £40 for this show. I have 500 paintings, and I am giving people the chance to buy an investment piece. My other work has already been valued at £1500. 
Having art on your wall, is only accessible to few these days, so I am breaking down the divide and keeping it that price for this show. I am not going to charge more for people who have more money and give freebies to those who don't, I am not Robin Hood. 
 Call me a romantic, but I want to make this show about the art allow people's heart to connect to a piece and fall in love with it, that they want it to be a part of their home. 
My show opens at 6pm on the 23rd of November and runs till the 29th of November.


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