Sunday, 29 November 2015

Yang -The Good

Believe it or not I am a huge dreamer, I believe that everything is going to be the best it possibly can be. I thought for this show, The Queen could turn up (I had invited her) I would sell all my paintings. David Hockney would hear about me and my work and make me his protégé. I see it as a good thing to think like this because if you dream big, big things happen. It has got a lot to do with hope and determination and a dash of insanity. So when the bad happens (see previous post) you are ready to keep looking for the good thing which could be around the corner. Like a phoenix in the ashes syndrome, keep rising from the bad things, even though it is an exhausting process.

Magic things that happened because and during the show:
-  Jane potrykus came down from London for the private view and took photos and said the show was brilliant.
-Absolute academy who I did day courses with came down from Cheltenham and wrote a piece about me.
- House and garden wrote an article about the show. And also loaned out 9 pieces of work for an interiors shoot.
- My friends wrote some unbelievably touching messages about me and my work.
- Polly of Bayntun Flowers who always shows me such hospitality wrote an article about me on her blog, and created the foliage archway to go over the door for my show. 
- Jacob Bodilly came up for the day to Bath to see the show in the evening and ended up helping out for most of the day. I was quite overwhelmed by the kindness someone I only met twice could show.
- the private view was rammed, queues out of the door, from all the walks of life. People showed up. 
- by dropping my phone down the loo, I can't answer calls etc while the phone drys out for the next two days in rice. Giving me the perfect excuse to switch off from the world. 
- esme winter turned up to the show with a present! two people I admire for their talents and taste.
- And the people who have brought me to this stage in my life Beavis and Chirsitne who tirelessly helped me to combat my Seizures. Christian Dunham who said I'd done good. And he helped me this year build up my self esteem after it had been beaten down by an abusive ex. Seeing both these people this week surrounded by my art work grounded me to acknowledge that I have come so far in such a small space of time. 
- my most amazing thing though is down to making my family proud. I have been able to show them with this show, that by them not doubting me it gave me the space for me to create my own path to be an artist. 

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