Thursday, 5 November 2015

typical day

I don't think I could ever be in a 9 to 5 job I am too restless, and not to mention I have an issue with authority and people telling me what to do. That's why being an artist suits my personality, It allows me to create my own day and everyday is different. It does take ALOT of motivation, anyone who is self employed knows its up to you to get your income if you don't put in the work its not going to magically fall into your lap. I do get asked what I actually do, so here is an outline of my 'typical' day. 

7am wake up mediate with OMG I can mediate app

7:30am check all social media and emails

8:00am start the day with hot water and lemon and this Porridge recipe by deliciously Ella
While I eat my breakfast, I either look at a magazine world of interiors, elle decoration, house and gardens etc or cruise pinterest, I like to fill my head with inspiration.

8:45am make up get dressed. 
Even though I don't really see many people during the day I still like to get ready as if I was going to an office and seeing a load of people. All my make up is from content beauty and I mainly wear things from whistles or hand me downs from my mum and combat gear don't ask why I just like the tom boy feel, and mens clothes are always warmer than women's and they have loads of pockets! 

10am I like to be at my desk, just to note I haven't taken all that time to get ready, usually procrastinate for a while. Now is when I say all the behind the scenes stuff happen, replying to emails. I take time to email everyone back and keep it personal. I never ignore an email, it is about having manners at the end of the day. Look at contracts I have got through. Write to companies I want to work with, nothing wrong with letting people know you exist. Research! research to me is key, if I have been contacted by someone or a company I will research them to the point of spying. I will look up what other artists they have worked with, have they ever done a project like this before, where they might be heading and where will this business with me end up, can I get another commission out of it? Everything is left to timing but doesn't hurt to be well equipped for the journey. 

12am I eat every 4 hours as I read in Ayurvedic diets you are meant to because it is better for your digestion. Eat and watch a tv programme usually something like gardeners world its calm informative and its half an hour. 

12:30 out the door and too the studio. My studio is about 15mins away from me down a country lane. You will not find it, its in the middle of no where.
First thing I do when I get inside is whack the heater on, it is a barn so it is freezing year round. Light a candle too lift the stale smell, and boil a kettle for some type of herbal tea. Mainly drinking matcha or Daylesford herbal teas. Then it is all down to what I am feeling that day. If I am moody or upset it will usually be a sea scape, if I am calm a watercolored landscape, and if I am meditative and want to just work it will be botanical. Botanicals come so easily to me they just flow out of my hand. 
I will stay here now till 6 or 7 depending how much I am getting done. Some will be for a commission but others is just for me you got to work and create pictures without the heaviness that it has to be good because it is for someone. 
During my time at the studio I can sometimes have a movie on, thats if I am tidying up or doing maintenance. But when i am painting it will be a podcast or classical music. I either like to be learning something or completely zoned out.
I do have breaks I go walking in the fields, or if I am cold jog round the field to warm me up. 
And throughout the day social media I have my phone on silent all the time, I hate to be constantly reminded that its there, I rather be in control of when I do and don't check my phone. 

And thats about my day, I will still answer emails and work later on when I get home, as a lot of my companies I deal with are in America so the time difference you have to work with that. To be honest I probably don't stop working till I got to bed. But I am happy. 
Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life
- Confucius 

John Ruskin

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