Tuesday, 1 December 2015

learnings, lessons

I wrote a long negative post right now and deleted it, because I saw this post on instagram:
'The Universe only gives you what you can handle'
Comment under said: 

'When I look back at all the most challenging things I've had to overcome they are the things that taught me the most about myself & life. Even though the lessons, learnings & letting goes may have not been enjoyable at the time a great strength & wisdom developed out of them. Dig deep my friends & know that what doesn't kill you always makes you stronger as my mum always said to me growing up '

My first post had said I was hoping for the universe to send me a sign to how to get out of this stressful situation I am in, and sure enough this came up. It was the right message at the right time.This situation has taught me that I am too much of a pushover, and don't speak out at the beginning. I am outspoken but I let too many things slide from the start, for benefit of the doubt, and end up speaking up at the end when it just looks desperate and angry. I read this article about setting boundaries and I keep re-reading it hoping it will sink in. 

If you don't read the whole article read this, (but I do recommend you read the artcile): 
'Setting boundaries isn’t about throwing up walls and creating cold and calculated distance. This practice is about learning to give yourself the space you need in each moment to stand tall and love the people in your life exactly as they are. Setting boundaries is about knowing your limits, asking for what you need and taking a moment of pause before reacting.'

Claude Monet : "Glaçons sur la Seine à Bougival, dit Neige sur la rivière"

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