Friday, 11 December 2015

this week

-Watching a tv series about the spectrum of colour on the BBC. My favourite part has been the bit about why leaves are green. 
- Listening to the Northern Lights by Philip Pullman on Audible, while I work in the studio. I have listened to this since I was 13 and I never get bored of it. It is in my top 5 favourite books. Unfortunately that means very little as I have only read about 10 books in my entire lifetime. 
- Invested in a Norwegian storm blanket. It wasn't that much as I got it at the outlet shop. Probably bought it because of listening to the Northern Lights. 
- going to a winter wonderland in Stroud tomorrow. Full of artisan makers!
- general obsession starting for dreams of traveling to Russia! 

In the grove of the temple of Isis (Détail) 
John William Godward 1915

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