Wednesday, 23 December 2015

winter solstice

Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year it is also the transitioning point when each day draws in more and more light. A time a rebirth for nature and new energy. Solstice means Sun stands still, it is a moment when the Sun stops moving southward, pauses, before it begins to move northward. It is a moment of pause in the darkness before the rebirth of light (both in nature and your inner light as well). It is as much a time about rebirth as it is a time of wonder. 
(description from Sphinx and the milky way

On this winter solstice day I popped out and did this little ritual. On one piece of paper I wrote down all the things I wanted to leave behind in this year. This varied from emotions, thought patterns and peoples actions that have left me upset. And then on the other piece of paper I wrote down what I wanted to come in for the new year. This wasn't a wish list like, I want a mini cooper... that was in the letter I wrote to father Christmas ;) . It was more of the thoughts and feelings I want to bring in, like inspiration, clarity and strength. So the first letter I burnt up the chimney (might be going to father Christmas after all) to symbolise these energies being transmuted into creative passion for the adventure to come. And the other you are meant to bury, I picked a piece of rosemary as its the only herb really flourishing at this time of the year and it has holistic properties for healing, and as what i was wishing for was partly healing, it felt right. I put the rosemary and paper in a hole in the ground next to where I grow my Rhubarb. I picked this spot as, rhubarb is one of the first things to send out growth in the darkness of winter. And as the solstice is about light through the dark, again felt right and rather poetic. 

I have always been spiritual mainly through my extreme curiosity to learn things. And then the other came from when I had been ill for so long, trying to figure out a way to get better as the doctors couldn't. You start to reach out to other branches. It is like pandoras box, but a pandoras box you don't want to shut. 

I am quite particular about the spiritual websites I read
Here are some websites that have some posts about the solstice: 
- winter wellness guide, more about honouring yourself in the winter then solstice

Peter Lanyon

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