Thursday, 24 December 2015

this week

-I adored the new star wars film. Very empowering to have a woman hero, and have her be so at ease with it. The soundtrack by John Williams is great to listen to, scavenger is my favourite track.
-Film 2015 had some good points. I try to watch this each week as i like Claudia Winklemans view of films. If she likes them i tend to go watch it.
-picking colours for my room from little greens grey collection. Got my eye on Inox, french grey and a dash of soot.
- obsessing over Lily Vanilli and the Meringue girls instagram accounts for my pavlova I am making for Christmas Day.
- visiting the Victoria art gallery to take in the art. I could fall asleep in an art gallery doesn't matter how many people are there, just get lost in the pictures. I would love to get my hands on this place and shake it up though.
- died at the 108 sun salutes class at Yoga Bodhi for the winter solstice. Still feeling the effects now from it. What I mean from effects is my legs I can barely move, but also the repetition of the moves forced clearance of all you think about in the mind was incredible. All those niggling thoughts just got pushed away.
- feeling festive looking at the photos of the state apartments at Windsor Castle. So much tradition and dedication, I love it.

John Constable - Summer Evening with Storm Clouds

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